Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich Recipe: 7 healthy benefits

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Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich is a must on every mom’s list. It starts with a hot chicken breast, then layers pepper bacon, ranch dressing, and cheddar cheese for a tasty filling Sammy.

For the topping, sprinkle melted butter, then bake the sandwich in the oven until golden brown. Your kids will not consider pizza after they get a bite of this tasty sandwich.

What is the Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich?

A Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich is a quick and easy dish to make. This dish has a lot of flavours and is also light on the stomach. It is excellent for lunch and dinner or can be served at parties.

It tastes like a cross between a bacon ranch pasta salad and pizza-delicious. Try this recipe next time you’re in the mood for something different.

The Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich is a beautiful dish for any occasion. This dish is hearty and filling, with many flavours, but also healthy and light. It tastes like a cross between bacon ranch pasta salad and pizza.

Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich
Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich

How Long Will It Take To Prepare?

  • Prepare time: 20 Minutes
  • Cook time: 20 Minutes
  • Total time: 40 Minutes
  • Servings: 2

How to make a Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich?


  • Two slices of Bread
  • 1/2pound chicken breast, cut into strips
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Two slices of bacon
  • olive oil, as needed
  • One tablespoon of butter
  • Four tablespoons of ranch dressing or cheese spread
  • Divided among the two sandwiches (I used cream cheese spread)
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • Divided among the two sandwich halves
  • Three tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped



Marinate the chicken in the ranch dressing, pepper, and salt for 10 to 20 minutes or till the chicken is done. Bake bacon in the oven while preparing the sandwiches.


Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Sauté chicken strips till it is brown but not done all over. Cut into small chunks or strips (depending on the preferred presentation) and set aside.


In a skillet, cook the bacon until crisp. Set aside. In a frying pan, fry chicken strips in olive oil until cooked. Set aside and keep warm.


Bread your sandwiches by spreading each slice with cream cheese or cheese spread, then scatter the bacon and chicken strips on top of the cream cheese layer-season with salt and pepper to taste.


Top with the remaining slices of Bread and place in the oven for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.


In a small frying pan, melt butter over medium heat. Sauté until hot and crispy on the bottom, 2-3 minutes. When hot, add the sandwich halves, and sandwich sides down. Flip over and flip sides to the cooktop side, brown and crunchy.


Remove from oven and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Return to oven until cheese is melted. Remove from oven and sprinkle with parsley. Cut each sandwich into four triangles.

Additional Tips:

Add in a little extra ranch dressing (or cream cheese spread) if you like things saucier. If you’re not a fan of ranch dressing, swap it in for a cream cheese spread instead. You can make this sandwich with chicken tenders instead.

Storing and Freezing Instructions: Storing Tips: You can keep this Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich in an airtight container or plastic freezer bag in the refrigerator for up to three days or in the freezer for up to four months.

Precautions For Recipes:

If baking the chicken and bacon, use an oven mitt when removing the chicken and bacon from the oven.

Chicken breast contains a lot of water. Please pat it dry with a paper towel before cooking it in the skillet. This will prevent moisture from being trapped inside the chicken as it boils.

When putting your hot sandwiches into a cold frying pan, use an oven mitt to protect your hand from burns.

Nutrition Facts of Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich:

Calories 541 kcal
Total Fat 9 gm
Saturated Fat 3.2 gm
Polyunsaturated Fat 1.7 gm
Monounsaturated Fat 2.3 gm
Cholesterol 49 mg
Sodium 835 mg
Potassium 461 mg
Carbohydrates 60 gm
Fiber 1.1 gm
Sugar 5 g
Protein 20 gm
Vitamin A 84 %
Vitamin C 20 %
Vitamin E 15 %
Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich

7 healthy benefits of Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich-

  1. Chicken contains a lot of protein. This helps maintain muscle mass and strong bones.
  2. Chicken has omega-3 fatty acids, providing anti-inflammatory properties that help lower your chance of heart disease.
  3. It is one of the best sources of iron, which helps to combat fatigue and helps maintain healthy red blood cells.
  4. Chicken is an excellent source of vitamin B6, which plays a vital role in maintaining nerve tissue and skin tissues in good condition.
  5. Chicken provides a lot of niacin and vitamin B3, which help regulate blood sugar levels.
  6. Chicken contains potassium, which helps keep your blood pressure under control and decreases the risk of strokes.
  7. It contains a high amount of selenium, which relaxes and eases muscle tension, slows the ageing process, and increases energy levels and stamina for workouts.

The 5 best variations of Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich-

1. Chicken bacon ranch sub:

Instead of sandwiching the cream cheese and chicken between two pieces of Bread, you can fill your sub roll with your favourite salad vegetables and put them on a sub roll.

2. Chicken bacon ranch chicken salad:

You can mix everything with lettuce, celery, and tomatoes, to taste, just like your typical chicken salad.

3. Chicken bacon ranch pasta:

You can get this pasta recipe from an Italian restaurant and make it at home with all the flavours and textures you love.

4. Chicken bacon ranch wraps:

Get your favourite tortilla bread and wrap up the ingredients like a burrito to enjoy.

5. Chicken bacon ranch panini:

Get yourself a panini press, and you can enjoy this chicken bacon ranch sandwich just like in a restaurant right at home. Make sure to add some fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion for a crunchy taste.

Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich
Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich

Do you have to use a heavy-duty skillet when cooking the bacon and chicken strips on a stovetop?

I used a heavy-duty skillet for cooking the bacon and chicken strips. Any nonstick skillet should be fine, but if you’re worried about it, it is best to use an oven-safe skillet.

How do you get the chicken and bacon hot in the pan while cooking them?

If you use a nonstick skillet when cooking the bacon and chicken strips, you can use an oven-safe skillet to ensure the food stays hot.

If you are using a heavy-duty skillet, this is best done with an oven mitt. If it burns your hand, place it in a bowl of ice water for at least 10 minutes before handling again. If your hands get too hot, turn down the heat on your stovetop.

Can I use regular bread slices instead of cream cheese?

You can use regular slices of Bread for the chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich. It will not be as delicious as using cream cheese. Use a cheese spread instead of a cream cheese spread for your sandwiches if you want to make them healthier.

How do you cut the sandwiches?

I cut the sandwiches at a diagonal, making them easier to eat. You can use a pizza cutter, but it is best to make it thin. I used a bread knife to cut the Bread into triangles.

Is this recipe suitable for kids/pregnant women/dieters/vegans etc.?

This recipe is suitable for kids and pregnant women. This recipe is unsuitable for dieters, and it is best to avoid it if you are a vegan or vegetarian.

My husband loves this chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich more than I do! I think the chicken strips are too salty. On the other hand, if you can eat meat but do not eat meat products like bacon and steak, this recipe will also be suitable for you.

Can I use other toppings like mushrooms, onions, etc.?

You can use other toppings and vegetables like mushrooms, onions, cheese, or jalapenos to your liking.

What is the difference between chicken breast and chicken tenders?

There are many benefits of using chicken breast instead of tenders. Mainly, chicken breast is more economical. Using chicken breast is a must if you are looking for a better price at the grocery store.

Are there any other tips to make this recipe healthier?

You can make the chicken strips healthier by using all-natural, no added hormones or skipping the bread crumbs and breading altogether.

This will ensure that your chicken strips are completely free of preservatives and that you can control how healthy your chicken strips are to eat.

Why do you put the cream cheese and chicken/bacon between the Bread instead of on top?

Putting the cream cheese and chicken/bacon between the Bread instead of on top will give you a better flavour. It is best to spread the cream cheese between two pieces of Bread to absorb more moisture from the meat and prevent it from drying.

It is best to wait for the cream cheese to melt before putting things inside the sandwich. If you heat up a dirty pan, it will be sticky and hard to clean after putting your sandwich in there.

What do you eat with a Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich?

You can eat your chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich with a salad or a side dish of vegetables. You can eat a chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich with a side dish of French fries or baked chips.

You can also eat your chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich with a side dish of mashed potatoes, rice, or pasta.

How long should I microwave the cream cheese?

You should microwave the cream cheese for 1 minute at medium power. This will ensure that it is completely melted and easy to spread on your sandwich.

Can I use this recipe as a restaurant-quality meal?

You can even try it at home; make sure not to over-cook the chicken, avoid adding too much oil, and ask the chef and management if you are allowed to do this so they will not ruin their reputation.

How Do I Make This Recipe Gluten-Free As Well?

You can make this recipe gluten-free with gluten-free bread slices. Bake your bread slices by following the instructions on How to Make Bread in an Oven.

You can use this recipe as a meal replacement where you can have your chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich and then have a salad and some vegetables if you wish.

If you are on a diet and need more food, you can make sandwiches without the bacon or chicken. This way, it is low in calories but high in taste.

Can I cook it on a grill if I do not have an oven?

If you do not have an oven, you can cook the chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich on a grill. If you do this, placing the sandwiches on a baking sheet first is best to avoid falling into the grill.

You can then set some aluminium foil over your baking sheet to prevent it from burning and sticking to the grill.

How do you store the chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich?

You can wrap the sandwich in aluminium foil and put it in the refrigerator for up to five days. You can also freeze them for up to four months as well. It is best to reheat from frozen when you’re ready to eat it, though, so you don’t get soggy Bread.

Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich


This Chicken Bacon Ranch Dominos Sandwich is a great way to enjoy the flavours of chicken, bacon, and ranch all in one sandwich.

It’s easy to make, and it makes a great dinner recipe sure to please the whole family. This is also a perfect dish for picnics because it’s easy to pack.

This will be an excellent meal choice if you have picky eaters at home because they will love the many flavours in one sandwich. I hope you will like this recipe; the Chicken bacon ranch dominos sandwich is easy to make and tastes delicious.

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