Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe: Unique Making Instructions

Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe is One of Ohio’s darling sandwiches. This hot and creamy chicken sandwich is affordable, easy to make, and only requires a few ingredients.

Find out why this sloppy chicken sandwich is so famous by looking at Chicken Sandwich information for the current well-known restaurants where you can eat lunch and dinner.

What is the recipe for the Hot shredded chicken sandwich?

A type of sandwich known as the hot shredded chicken recipe is made with shredded chicken cooked in a flavorful sauce, served on a bun and topped with additional ingredients. The exact formula can be different for each person and each region.

The Hot Shredded Chicken Sandwich recipe is a sandwich that is served on a soft bun and is made with tender, shredded chicken cooked in a spicy and flavorful hot sauce.

Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe
Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe

How Long Will It Take To Prepare?

  • Prepare time: 10-15 minutes
  • Making time: 20-30 minutes
  • Total time: 45 minutes
  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty level: Easy

How To Make A Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe?

Essential Ingredients For Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe:

  • Two large cooked and shredded chicken breasts
  • 1/4 cup Mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • 2/fourths cup of spicy sauce
  • One teaspoon of powdered garlic
  • One teaspoon of powdered onion
  • To taste, add salt and pepper
  • 4 Burger buns
  • Four cheddar cheese slices
  • Optional garnishes: lettuce, pickles, red onion, and sliced tomatoes

Instructions For The Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe:

Step 1

In a large bowl, combine the destroyed chicken, mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, hot sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper until very much joined.

Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe
Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe

Step 2

Heat an enormous skillet over medium-high intensity. In a skillet, toast the hamburger buns until golden brown.

Step 3

Divide the chicken mixture equally among the hamburger bun’s bottom halves.

Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe
Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe

Step 4

A slice of cheddar cheese should be topped on each chicken-covered bun.

Step 5

The chicken sandwiches can be grilled until the cheese is melted and bubbling.

Step 6

Eliminate the sandwiches from the broiler and top them with your ideal fixings.

Step 7

Place the hamburger bun top halves on top of the hot shredded chicken sandwiches and serve immediately. Enjoy!

Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe
Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe

Additional Tips For Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe:

  1. You can cook the chicken ahead of time and slice it when you’re ready to make the sandwiches to save time.
  2. You can adjust the amount of hot sauce to your preference. You can also use a milder hot sauce or your favorite barbecue sauce in its place.
  3. The sandwich can add toppings like avocado, bacon, or jalapenos at your discretion. The sandwich will have more flavor and texture because of this.
  4. To keep the chicken blend from adhering to the skillet, use a non-stick skillet or daintily cover a customary skillet with a cooking splash.
  5. You can keep the sandwiches warm until you’re ready to serve them if you’re helping them to a large group.
Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe
Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe

Precautions For Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe:

  1. To ensure the chicken is safe to consume, cook it to an internal temperature of 165°F.
  2. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw chicken. Additionally, use separate cutting boards and utensils for the raw chicken to prevent cross-contamination.
  3. In the refrigerator, separate airtight containers should store leftover chicken and sandwich components. Eat leftovers within three to four days.
  4. This recipe’s hot sauce should be adjusted to suit your taste because it can make spicy sandwiches.
  5. To ensure the sandwich’s safety and quality, use only fresh ingredients and do not use expired or spoiled ingredients.
  6. Keep a close eye on the sandwiches as you broil them to melt the cheese to avoid burning the bread or overcooking the chicken.

Nutrition Facts Of Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe:

Calories 449 kcal
Protein 34.1 g
Total Fat 22.6 g
Saturated Fat 7.7 g
Cholesterol 119 mg
Sodium 952 mg
Total Carbohydrates 26.6 g
Dietary Fiber 2 g
Sugars 4.2 g
Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe

Please note that these values are estimates and may vary depending on the specific ingredients used and the portion sizes of the sandwich. Additionally, the nutrition information may differ if you use different toppings or choose another type of bread.

5 Best Variations Of Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe-

1. Sandwich with Buffalo Chicken Ranch:

Add a sprinkle of farm dressing and cleaved celery to the destroyed chicken blend to give it an excellent, rich taste and some additional crunch.

2. Sandwich with BBQ Chicken:

For a delicious and tangy sandwich, substitute BBQ sauce for the hot sauce in the recipe and add coleslaw to the chicken mixture.

3. Sandwich with Mexican Chicken:

Add some hacked jalapeños, avocado, and salsa to the chicken combination, and utilize a Mexican mix of cheddar for a fiery and tasty sandwich.

4. Sandwich with Mediterranean Chicken:

Top the chicken mixture with some hummus, cucumber slices, and crumbled feta cheese for a Mediterranean take.

5. Sandwich with Hawaiian Chicken:

For a sandwich with a Hawaiian flavor and sweetness, top the chicken mixture with some sliced pineapple and teriyaki sauce.

Hot shredded chicken sandwich recipe


In conclusion, the hot shredded chicken sandwich is an excellent lunch or dinner dish that can be made quickly and easily. You can make spicy and flavorful shredded chicken ideal for topping a hamburger bun by combining hot sauce, melted butter, and spices, coating chicken breasts, and cooking them until tender.

This sandwich will surely be a hit, thanks to the melted cheddar cheese and other toppings you choose. In addition, you can guarantee that the recipe will be prepared safely and to your liking by adhering to the earlier recommendations and additional instructions.

People Frequently Ask Questions

What good things to put on a hot sandwich with shredded chicken?

Your hot shredded chicken sandwich can be made to your liking with various toppings. Here are a few thoughts for fixings: Shredded cabbage or lettuce for a light and refreshing crunch. Avocado or sliced tomatoes for some extra creaminess. Pickled onions or sliced pickles for a kick of tang and flavor.

For additional texture, use crispy onion rings or bacon. Farm or blue cheddar dressing for a smooth and tart flavor. Banana peppers or jalapenos for more heat. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce for a savory and sweet taste.

Cut cheddar, like cheddar, Swiss, or pepper jack. Hummus or guacamole for a Mediterranean spin. Sliced cucumber or cole slaw can be a crunchy and refreshing topping. These are only a couple of thoughts; however, get inventive and utilize any garnishes you appreciate!

How can I lessen the heat of the shredded chicken?

If you want to make the hot destroyed chicken less fiery, there are multiple ways you can change the recipe: You can begin by using less of the hot sauce if you find it too spicy. Try half of the amount called for in the recipe and adjust according to your preferences.

Honey or sugar can be added to the hot sauce mixture to balance the spiciness. The heat will be lessened, and the flavor will become slightly sweeter.Try substituting a milder brand of hot sauce if you find that the one you’re using is too spicy. To achieve the ideal balance of heat and flavor, combine a milder hot sauce with a more flavorful one.

To balance the heat, serve the chicken with refreshing toppings like sliced avocado, sour cream, or ranch dressing. With these toppings, the heat will be suspended, and the flavor will be more balanced.

What kind of cheese should I use on a hot shredded chicken sandwich?

With regards to picking a cheddar for a hot destroyed chicken sandwich, there are numerous choices you can use to add some additional flavor and smoothness. Some popular options for cheese include:

Cheddar: The spicy chicken goes well with the sharp flavor of this classic cheese. It also melts quickly and gives the sandwich a nice creaminess.

Jack cheese: Add pepper jack cheese for a little more heat. This cheese, made with spicy peppers, has a tangy flavor that goes well with the chicken’s hot sauce.

Swiss: The chicken goes well with this mild cheese with a nutty flavor. It also melts well and gives the sandwich a creamy texture.

Provolone: The mild buttery flavor of this cheese pairs well with the chicken. It also has a slightly stretchy texture when melted, making it an excellent sandwich option.

Cheddar cheese For a more intense flavor, have a go at utilizing blue cheddar. The chicken’s hot sauce matches this cheese’s robust and tangy flavor. In the end, the kind of cheese you use will be based on your personal preferences; therefore, you are free to try a variety of cheeses to find the type you like best.

Can the hot shredded chicken be made in a slow cooker?

You can make the hot shredded chicken for your sandwich in a slow cooker. How to do it: Begin by setting boneless, skinless chicken bosoms in the sluggish cooker. Combine the salt, hot sauce, garlic powder, and onion powder in a bowl. Pour the mixture over the chicken.

Cook the chicken until tender, 3-4 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low. Shred the chicken directly in the slow cooker with two forks. To fully absorb the flavors, place the shredded chicken in the hot sauce mixture and let it sit for a few minutes. Make your sandwich as directed in the recipe using hot shredded chicken.

What dishes go well with a piping hot shredded chicken sandwich as a side?

Many side dishes pair well with a hot, destroyed chicken sandwich. Here are some concepts to think about:

French fries: Hot, crispy french fries are a classic side dish that goes well with a hot shredded chicken sandwich.

Yam fries: Try serving sweet potato fries as a side for a new take on traditional fries. The spicy chicken goes well with the sweetness of the potatoes.

Coleslaw: Creamy coleslaw is a refreshing side dish that can assist in balancing the chicken’s spiciness.

Salad potatoes: Potato salad, another well-known side dish, is an excellent option for a picnic or outdoor gathering.

Cheese and macaroni: Comfort food favorites like creamy mac and cheese go well with the chicken’s bold flavors.

Can I make the hot shredded chicken sandwich vegetarian-friendly?

You can create a vegetarian hot shredded chicken sandwich using a meat substitute like shredded jackfruit or tofu. How to do it: Drain a can of jackfruit and rinse it under running water for jackfruit. Using your hands, shred the flesh and cut off the core. To remove excess water from the tofu, drain a block of firm or extra-firm tofu and press it for at least 30 minutes.

Then disintegrate or shred the tofu utilizing your hands. Combine the salt, garlic powder, hot sauce, and onion powder in a bowl. In a skillet, heat some oil over medium-high intensity. Sauté the jackfruit or tofu, occasionally stirring, for a few minutes. Pour the hot sauce combination over the jackfruit or tofu, and mix to cover uniformly.

The jackfruit or tofu should be hot and well-coated in the sauce after another few minutes of cooking. Follow the recipe to make your sandwich with hot tofu or jackfruit. The final sandwich will be entirely vegetarian but have the same flavor and texture as the original hot shredded chicken sandwich. You can also top it with avocado, cheese, and other ingredients to make it more satisfying and flavorful.

Can I freeze the hot shredded chicken?

Indeed, you can freeze the hot destroyed chicken for some time in the future. This is the way to freeze the chicken:

The hot chicken shredded should be brought to room temperature. Place the chicken in a resealable plastic bag or container safe for freezing. Press as much air out of the container or bag as you can. The date and contents should be written on the container or bag. Put the bag or container in the freezer.

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